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OFF PLUS CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema

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(08 – 17.04.2011)

PLUS CAMERA is a major event devoted to Polish and international independent cinema.
The most important element of the festival is the international competition, in which 12 independent directors from all over the world compete for the Krakow Film Award of $100,000. The winner is selected by an international jury and the award is given by the President of Krakow.

OFF PLUS CAMERA is a haven for good, oftentimes complex cinema. It is also a place for discussions, meetings and sharing ideas. What makes the festival special is the fact all screenings are held in small and medium venues, excluding multiplex theaters. The idea behind this decision was to pay tribute to the small movie theaters and so called film discussion clubs which used to present great and ambitious repertoire of films under the Dark Ages of communism. In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s these venues functioned as meeting places for the Polish artistic and cultural elites.

The Festival also features a variety of lectures, meetings with artists, discussion panels and musical events. See more at:

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