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The Tatra mountains and Zakopane

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Being in London and not to see the Big Ben is just like being in Poland and not visiting Zakopane. Nowhere else in Poland can you find a place from which you will embark in the morning on an unforgettable hike in the mountains, discover the distinct folk culture of the Podhale highlanders, to finish the day enjoying the attractions of the charming Krupówki promenade. In Zakopane you will find tranquillity and the memorable atmosphere while enjoying the comforts of the city life. Zakopane is a perfect staging place for visiting the Tatras, the mountains of an unmatched beauty, considered by many to be the most beautiful ones in the world. They consist of three parts of a distinct geological structure and scenery. The Tatras are a paradise for the mountain hikers and the lovers of nature alike.

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